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The Best Vaporizers, Rolling Papers, Novelty Pipes,
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We are Hawaii’s number #1 smoke shop with all the goodies from ZigZags, Elements, RAW & Amsterdam’s favorite rolling papers, Rizla & Smoking. We also have many more to choose from along with 25+ different Blunt Wraps.

We have e-cigs, dollar lighters, fancy lighters, torch lighters, Mega Torch Lighters, Tight Vacs, Nug Jug jars, safe cans, pollen sifting boxes, ash catchers, ashtrays, scales, baggies, Bubble Bags, bubblers, pipe bags, pipe cases, pipes, pipes & more pipes
We carry water pipes, hookahs, vapor boxes, portable vaporizers & da mighty Volcano vaporizer… More water pipes, novelty pipes, apparel, tapestries, flags including the Sovereign Flag & Hawaiian State Flag, incense sticks, party games, party supplies and more..

Yes!  Even more water pipes….Cleaners for your pipes, and detox for you……

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We Don’t Sell Cigarettes..

You must be 18 and have ID to buy anything.

If you are 18 feel free to check out our products & gallery of famous artists.

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NEW Oil Rig Bubblers Dish & Dabber Sets! New Vape Pens/E-Cigs, Hookah’s, Bubblers & Water Pipes!

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